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People just can’t get enough of social media. Sprout Social has the usage stats to back this up: reporting an estimated 4.89 billion worldwide users visiting, on average, seven different channels a month to rack up 151 minutes spent on social media daily. (Because if you’re not scrolling while simultaneously streaming your favorite TV show, are you even doing it right?)

So we’re diving in to three heavy-hitting social media channels as well as two types of content below to uncover how they engage different generations to help you make informed target marketing decisions.


With slightly over 3 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is still a powerhouse channel (no matter what the kids say!). It definitely brings the Boomers and marks the spot for Generation X. But don’t count out Millennials! 25 to 34-year-olds actually make up nearly a quarter of the platform’s users. With 70% of ALL adult Americans on Facebook, it’s still a safe bet – and 90% of marketers still agree.


With 61.2% of users falling between the ages of 18 and 34, Instagram is truly the land of Millennials and Gen Z (these guys pop up again below) – but Generation X has increasingly been adopting it as a channel of choice too. This wide demographic range makes Instagram an appealing platform for marketers – especially when you consider its sky-high engagement rates. We recommend leveraging Reels to all of our clients – more on this under Video.

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This is not the first time we’ve plugged this platform (see recent blog posts here and here) and it probably won’t be the last. One reason behind our enthusiasm is TikTok’s exceptional ability to attract and engage Millennial and Gen Z users. Here’s the twist: There are a growing number of creators outside that age range – check out Grandma Droniak and The Great Gwen – who hit it big by winning over the Gen Z audience with content they find humorous and relatable (at least when viewed through the lens of their own tech-challenged grandparents). So, while these younger users aren’t the platform’s ONLY users, they definitely “control” the app. Another big benefit? TikTok’s algorithm also offers the best chance to go viral – and what marketer wouldn’t want that?


Whether it’s Instagram Reels or TikTok, the stories that videos can tell resonate. They just capture an audience differently – and this is true across all generations. We’ve found that Gen X is more drawn to content that highlights places to go or recommendations for food or family activities. Gen Z tends to engage more with personal videos – Visit NJ’s interview series at the Ohio State Fair is the perfect example. Really, content that shows personality, people and humor will always win the day.

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This type of content, by far holds the most sway with Gen Z, who view influencers as real people, not walking-and-talking ads. They look up to them for “making it” and will often comment with the phrase “get that bag” (which basically means get that money and good for you for getting paid for this). More-and-more, we’re also finding Millennials and Generation X interacting with influencer content.

Final Thought

When it comes to social media popularity, the apps and content widely recognized as dominated by Gen Z (Instagram and TikTok) have the best potential for growing their Generation X audience – but the reverse is definitely not the case. Think: An early-20-something shares funny TikTok videos with her mother but this daughter has ZERO interest in going on Facebook to “friend” mom.


Of course, none of these insights are hard-and-fast “rules” – and there are so many nuances when it comes to social media marketing. The good news is that the Dana team knows exactly how to tap into them. Contact Lynn Kaniper at 609.466.9187 ext. 117 or to partner with an expert.

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