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Everybody is blogging these days. Most successful bloggers will tell you that the trick to blogs that excel is two-fold. One, talk about something you’re passionate about. And two, talk about something you know. Local travel. Global travel. Get-away-for-the-holidays travel. You name it. Here, we’ve assembled eleven tips we use to put engaging travel blogs on the map.Nepal, Kathmandu - April 19, 2014: European tourist talks with locals on the street of the old city.

Be a Storyteller Bring your destination to life with vibrant words, vivid colors, and touchy-feely adjectives that focus on the true embodiment of your location. Take your audience to the locale without them ever leaving their laptop.

Speak Their Language People listen to what they can relate to. Whether you’re trying to grab the attention of Boomers, Gen Z or Millennials, learn their lingo and use it correctly, of course.

Be Photogenic We all know pictures can speak way louder than words. While your words may be a fabulous co-star, in many cases a stunning photo is the real go-getter. Use photography that grabs your intended audience to reel them in quick.

Tourist happy girl taking photos for her travel blog, in Dubai downtown district against background of the Burj Khalifa highest skyscraper

Go the Distance People are more willing to visit a destination if the ins and outs are all planned out for them. Go the extra mile and bring to light an eye-catching itinerary that includes some lesser-known yet, amazing attractions in the area.

Dig Deep Go beyond what you think, or the internet thinks. Research. Read reviews. Talk to locals. Get the real scoop.

Words are Key It’s all about the keywords these days. To optimize your SEO, make sure you determine and filter these all-important terms into your blog – get noticed by as many people as you can.

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Face Facts Truth be told, some of the best blogs aren’t all fluff and flowers, they’re meaty too. It’s best to include some of the real gritty information travelers can use. This includes the useful stuff like transportation details, airport info and the like.

Get Personal If you’ve had a personal experience with a location, speak to it. Been there, done that? Tell people what it was reallllly like. Truthful writing goes a long way with any audience.

Stay in Touch Blog on a regular basis with updated topics that appeal to your market. Reach out with ideas they’ll find useful – stay on top of what’s new and what’s happening in the travel industry.

Pull Up a Chair Bring your uniqueness, your own flair and style of writing to the table, no matter how quirky you think it may be. Don’t try to replicate anyone’s style of writing, a blog lacking realness will ultimately lack appeal.

Know When to Quit Blogs are not books or reports. They are short, snappy usually 2-4 minute reads intended to grab the reader quickly with a topic that interests them. For this reason, many companies suggest sticking to a shorter blog length of about 500-750 words. When in doubt, don’t drag it out.

One thing to always remember. When all else fails, stick with it. A great blog is worth writing for.


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