The more visitors you attract, the more tourism dollars they will spend, right? Yes, but not so fast. To get the most impact for your tourism budget, find the synergy between destination marketing efforts and economic development. That’s Dana’s advice. Our strategies offer more than pretty images and catchy slogans to entice visitors to your destination. We believe tourism marketing is only part of the picture, and it’s just as important to paint a positive outlook for local citizens and the corporate community.

Spot On

As the destination marketing agency for Spotsylvania County, Virginia, we used our proprietary GPS to identify ways to clarify the brand message, make an immediate impact on visitor perceptions, address destination challenges in a proactive way and better connect the County’s tourism and economic development goals. We launched a brand story as unique as Spotsylvania’s name, heralding this historic area as a vibrant spot to live, work and visit.

Vive le Message

Dana launched a new brand campaign for Chester County’s Brandywine Valley. To develop a unique, memorable message for this lovely area outside Philadelphia, which is often overshadowed by more mainstream destinations nearby, Dana borrowed a little French flavor and added a soupçon of whimsy. The message “The South of France, just a little west of Philly” showcases the destination’s cultural and culinary attractions, describes its scenic landscape and helps visitors know exactly where to go to be true connoisseurs! View more at

Back in Business

Dana is proud to be the agency of record for New Jersey Travel & Tourism. Receiving the announcement simultaneously with the devastation of Superstorm Sandy presented Dana with one of the biggest challenges in our 30+ year history. As we navigate the uncertainty, fear and misinformation about tourism in the state, Dana is focused on making sure everyone knows New Jersey is happy to be back in business. We wouldn’t expect anything less from our home state!


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