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You’ve attracted their attention. Maybe even earned some affection. But how, oh how, do you keep them coming back for more? Here at Dana, we have a branding mantra we echo time and time again:

Dwell in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Turning their heads for the first time isn’t always the hard part. That wink and a smile only go so far. According to Loyalty 360, The Loyalty Marketer’s Association, retaining customers and turning them into your biggest fans for life? That is the challenge. And one that is well rewarded. Online and off, enduring customer loyalty, rather than acquisition, is the key to driving sustainable growth.

Let’s take a closer look at the top trends in Social CRM that we think your business should be following:

Discounts are better. Dialogue is best.
Lost count of the unused customer loyalty cards hanging from your keychain? A Facebook “Like” without your follow-up is the virtual equivalent. Exclusive discounts are reason enough to sign up—and a fabulous one at that. (Expect mobile coupons to be massive.) But following through with deeper engagement and meaningful conversation are what truly help customers connect with your brand. A sale or contest is the fling. An experiential relationship is the ring.

Reach out and touch someone (and all of their friends besides).
Customer service, people. It’s a dying art, and one that’s necessarily, thankfully, poised for a comeback. Without it, plan to watch your business waste away. Deliver a brilliant performance at all customer service touchpoints, from social media, to the phone, to your every in-person interaction. If they really like you, they’ll return. Furthermore, they’ll tell a friend. Recommendations, referrals and positive reviews will help you get around. In a good way, of course.

Get down with ROI.
Now where have I heard this before? Oh, right. In Measure ROI on Social Media. Be one of those businesses that understand the importance of accurately gauging your social media marketing success, in order to produce your ultimate ROI. 

Data around.
Get the digits. Crunch those numbers. Might not sound romantic, but mine and analyze the mix of data at your disposal. Study your customers’ location-based behavior, attitudes, preferences and buying patterns. More and more brands are tracking these details and using them to target their messaging and offers to the right audience. The better you know your fan base, the likelier you are to keep turning their heads and bringing them back forever.

We’ll be your paparazzi.
For a closer glimpse into the future of Social CRM, contact Lynn Kaniper at

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