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Hotels and resorts are major consumers of resources and products, so it’s encouraging to see properties committed to preserving and conserving. (It’s also satisfying to see guests’ response—73 percent of guests who are aware of their hotel’s conservation programs report participating in those programs.*) Green policies are good for the planet. And with sustainability being a major hot button for guests, they’re good for business too. Here are ways to get the word out about your green programs and policies:

Tell Your Story on Your Site
Let your website tell guests how they’ll experience your eco-friendly features—whether they’re staying, meeting or dining at your property.

Example: For a recent update of Lansdowne Resort’s website, we added a “We’re Green” link on almost every page to detail the resort’s programs for accommodations, meetings, dining and more. See how benefits of a “green meeting” are described here.

And, if you’ve gone through the effort to get green certification (Green Seal or IACC Leader in Environmental Responsibility, for example), display those seals and logos proudly on your website, as well as your e-brochures and e-marketing communications.

Share Green News through Social Networking
Use your property’s Facebook page and Twitter account to let guests know the latest news. Is your chef sourcing great local produce and artisan products? Have you created a nature trail on your property? Or perhaps you’ve just switched to a line of totally recycled paper products. All are great stories to share with your fans—or to make a video to post on YouTube. (Picture your chef in a cooking demo, preparing your signature dish with those local ingredients.)

Example: When Dana helped The National Conference Center launch its Facebook page, “Environmental” was the first of four blog topics. Visit NCC’s Facebook page here.

Leverage the Power of Green
Look for opportunities to include green incentives with offers and promotions. You’ll align your brand with a sustainability message and create strong emotional appeal.

Example: To announce the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) 2011 Conference, Dana created an exciting “Rev It Up” theme with a cool all-electric scooter that will be given away by the conference host, The National Conference Center. This eco-friendly gift will increase attendance AND demonstrate the environmental awareness of IACC and the hosting conference center. See the entertaining video that features the scooter here.

Plant Ideas for the Future
At Dana Communications, we’re eager to create partnerships that build a greener world—for our clients, our company and our community. One of the people we’re proud to partner with is Greg Christian (, a man who’s passionate about both sustainable food and business models. Greg says: “Embarking on the journey toward a sustainable business model benefits not only your community and our environment, but it will grow your business as well.”

We couldn’t agree more. And we can see these ideas growing every day here at Dana’s headquarters in New Jersey, where we’ve partnered with a local restaurant to plant an organic garden literally in our company’s backyard. Watch our video and see where the Dana team likes to wander, ponder and have lunch. And, please, come join us next time you’re in Hopewell.

*According to J.D. Power and Associates 2010 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index StudySM

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