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Creating a library of impressive images is challenging, exciting and ultimately rewarding. The creative services of an experienced Art Director will help you every step of the way and insure your investment pays off in striking images that showcase your property.

Select Your Photographer

  • Start with the websites of photographers who specialize in travel and hospitality. Look for photos that show what’s unique and express a mood—do you see the romance of a ballroom, feel the challenge of a golf course?
  • Ask your Art Director for recommendations. Over the years at Dana, we’ve developed relationships with photographers who don’t just create incredible photos—they’re also great to work with and make the process efficient.
  • Decide which photographers’ creative and working styles are the right “fit” for your property, then contact those to discuss your project in depth.

Prepare for the Shoot

  • List the interior and exterior shots you want, together with the services/amenities you want to communicate about each.
  • Schedule a site visit or scout with your Art Director and photographer, if possible, so they can take quick snapshots and work through any questions or concerns.
  • Discuss the “housekeeping” checklist. Thoroughly cleaned rooms and public areas are a given, but you may also need to spruce up other areas, like landscaping that will be seen through windows, for example.
  • Decide whether you’ll feature people or not. It’s a complex decision. Using them can attract your market segments, like couples, but can also “date” your shots. Your Art Director and photographer can suggest subtle ways to bring people and emotion into shots without dating them.

Stay Involved During the Process

  • Understand that getting the right atmosphere—with perfect lighting and props—requires patience and long days. Smooth the process by allocating staff to help move furniture, prepare flowers, etc.
  • Expect that timing and schedules will change (depending on the sun, property traffic, etc.) but try to stick close to your initial schedule to keep the pace moving.
  • Stay flexible so your photographer can bring inspiration to your shot list. An image reflected in your spa pool may be unexpected but perfect.
  • Collaborate and share your opinions. If you think the sky over the terrace isn’t quite bright enough, say so. While you can’t change the weather, your photographer can use techniques and editing software to enhance your images.

Let Dana Communications assist you with everything from creative direction to the fine points of negotiating a contract with your photographer. We invite you to enjoy the results of Dana’s recent photo shoots below. Our clients love this work, and we are proud to have helped make their image shine.

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