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blocks spelling 2020 trendsHard to believe, but 2019 is in the books, and we’re all embarking on another decade. Things seem to be changing at a crazy-fast pace these days, and it can be tough to catch our breath, much less evaluate our position, train ourselves to evolve and plan accordingly.

But really, what better moment to focus on those trends that can help us capture an early lead—and break away from the competition? Lately, the Dana team has been concentrating on all things future-forward. Here’s some of what we saw ahead regarding the biggest event trends for 2020 you need to know:

There’s a revolution underway. To survive—and thrive—go bold with innovation.
EventMB, which was recently acquired by Skift, has long been an influential online platform for event professionals located around the globe. This year, we were fortunate to catch EventMB’s mind-blowing, immersive—and literally standing-room only—Event Innovation Lab™ at our client IMEX’s trade shows in Frankfurt and Las Vegas.

So when their highly anticipated, intensively researched 10 Event Trends for 2020 hit our emails, we paid extra-close attention. Because in the words of its author Julius Solaris, EventMB’s founder and editor-in-chief, “Whether you’re a planner, venue, destination, DMC, agency, or event technology provider, 2020 is going to require that you take massive action.”

You need to equip yourself…and get moving!
Now is the time to surpass traditional event planning logistics and learn how to design impactful event experiences. In particular, we’ve latched on to these crucial concepts for our own clients:

  • Invest in event tech that not only makes managing logistics easier, but aids us in planning events that are more engaging, personalized and interactive on a human-to-human level, as well as verifiably relevant and valuable.
  • Integrate an array of digital event marketing for an “always-on type of lifecycle marketing [that] entails the combination of online and offline media across the customer journey.”
  • Event professionals should be considered “event strategists,” as they need to deliver a valuable, data-driven vision and craft transformative experiences.
  • At this point, you must go all in with your sustainability initiatives, to leap right over the much-higher bar that’s been set and meet the growing expectations of clients and guests. And remember to feature them in your marketing!
  • Your room design and furniture selections should facilitate opportunities for communication and connections between attendees.
  • In an effort to promote inclusivity during networking activities, welcome non-drinkers by offering an appealing, alcohol-free bar and mocktails.
  • Going Hollywood isn’t just for A-listers at a movie premiere. “Hollywoodification” should play a role in enriched, premier events—and the team involved in creating them—too.

Download the full 10 Event Trends for 2020 report here.

Unleash the power of imagination.
In case you missed it, you should also check out The Year of Imagination: 15 Stories to Inspire Your Next Event. This thought-provoking white paper, a collaboration between EventMB and the IMEX Group, in association with PSAV, launched at this year’s IMEX America, to complement IMEX’s 2019 Talking Point of “Imagination.”

This report analyzes 350 events, resulting in the most innovative practices for 2020. In it, you’ll discover an unbiased presentation of imagination trends, research findings, case studies, 50+ actionable tips, additional resources and more. Download your free copy here.

We have 2020 vision…
And can help you master the most important event trends. With the right strategies in place, the future looks bright, and the new year ahead promises to be a rewarding one! Reach out to Lynn Kaniper at
or 609.466.9187, ext. 117.

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