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Have you jumped on the content marketing b(r)andwagon? Before you leave your traditional marketing efforts in the dust, take a moment to consider content marketing vs traditional marketing.

“Traditional marketing interrupts, while content marketing informs.”*

You’re familiar with the attention-getting goals of traditional marketing tools like emails and banner ads, but how comfortable are you with developing relevant content? Bill Gates coined the phrase “Content Is King” back in the ‘90s, and it’s just as timely now as it was 20 years ago—but with a caveat. Not all content is created equal. We’ve all been lured by an intriguing headline to read a blog post and been sorely disappointed by the content. So if content should be informative, engaging and even entertaining, where do you begin?

  • Be a thought leader. In B2B scenarios, post industry-related articles, host webinars or develop white papers and case studies. For instance, The National Conference Center showcases its meeting expertise through a series of white papers called Meeting Discoveries. It’s especially informative for that large audience of people who only plan meetings on an occasional basis.
  • Be a tour host. Hospitality and tourism companies have an edge in content marketing. They know local! Use your local expertise to blog about topics of interest to your guests and visitors like the new cool restaurant, hidden sightseeing gems and can’t-miss tours. Be the man (or woman) on the street and share your insider tips. (Keep in mind that blog posts should be a minimum of 350 words for optimum SEO.)
  • Be visual. Content means words, right? Not so. Images, infographics, videos and games offer content in a playful, visually arresting and engaging way.
  • Be a storyteller. People love stories, and your newsletter is an ideal venue to relay them. Rather than simply promoting an event or package, tell a story about them. For the golf resort Royal Isabela, the newsletter is truly a way to share experiences and engage imagination.
  • Be smart about your marketing dollars. Developing content isn’t a guarantee that it will be read. Here’s where content marketing and traditional marketing work hand in hand. Using traditional means to help promote your content, or take advantage of a service like Outbrain, which helps get your content out to readers on the web’s largest media outlets. Outbrain’s “Related Posts” or “We Recommend” are cost-effective ways to reach readers based on their interests and browsing habits. With “trust and authenticity” as its platform, Outbrain also serves as a litmus test to ensure your content is not self-serving or overly promotional. What makes a good content marketer? Check out these characteristics from Outbrain. For the New Jersey Travel & Tourism campaign, Outbrain articles are strong performers, rich with links that encourage readers to visit the tourism website to learn more.

For help developing content and coordinating it with your traditional marketing efforts, contact Lynn Kaniper at or 609.466.9187 ext. 117 today.


*Newzsocial, 2013

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