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For years now, you’ve been hearing about the power of video marketing and all the reasons why your business needs video marketing. And over time, video’s capabilities—and marketing muscle—have only strengthened.

Sure, videos are popular, fun and entertaining. They set you apart from your competition, engage your customers, increase brand recognition and understanding, engender trust and potentially build long-lasting relationships.

But the measure of your video victories should surpass those paybacks—and clicks and view counts. Genuine lead generation and conversions are where you can truly profit!

Want to learn how to generate leads with video marketing? Focus on these top techniques:

Integrate a pre-video gate.

Putting a gate on video content invites your audience to enter their contact details before viewing it. You’ll discover who watched and how to connect with them in the future.

Typically, this concept takes shape as a brief, one-field form that asks the viewer for an email address, in order to access the video. If you like, ask for more info. However, be prepared to offer more yourself, in exchange.

Pro tip: Because email gates show up beforehand, showcase the video’s value via its title and, where applicable, in the landing page and other surrounding copy. Doing so will encourage viewers to complete that form and continue on.

Capture it in the call to action.

Your entire, amazing video just absorbed the attention of a customer and piqued further interest. Capitalize on this success by asking your viewer to progress to that next, important step—filling out a contact form.

Create an enticing call to action for your video’s grand finale. Another alternative is to insert a well-timed prompt during the course of the video, as an overlay or a pop-out call to action.

Since they already consumed some or all of your content, your leads will be especially qualified and acting when they’re most enthusiastic. Already have a form set up? Direct them there.

Pro tip: Whether you choose an email gate or a call to action, including less form fields and stages will increase the likelihood that viewers finish them—and keep them happy. Adding one to every video can be a turnoff too, so use them sparingly.

Then collect and convert.

Don’t allow your hard work to go to waste! There are various ways to collect data by which you can track your new contacts’ precise viewing activity, across every video and platform on which it’s been posted.

Social media, website, email or other, you can glimpse details such as how many times they watched it and which portions of it they viewed most frequently.

With this intel in your pocket, these lead collection opportunities should become proper conversions. Apply it to a marketing campaign that’s customized to your findings. Pursue your lead with content geared only to their favorite elements and relevant offers they’re certain to desire.

Bonus: Because pre-video gates and calls to action are embedded, whenever your video is shared, they’ll continue to work on your behalf, tracking down more and more qualified leads!

Zoom in on your best lead generation.

Dana Communications can help make your brand a real star and maximize your video’s impact. Email Lynn Kaniper at or call 609.466.9187, ext. 117 today.

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