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F-commerce—otherwise known as selling on or through Facebook—has been making headlines recently, and not all of them have been optimistic. On the heels of a few major brands shutting down their storefronts, experts wonder: is what was greeted as an e-commerce evolution already becoming extinct?

First, the good news.
While some companies have closed storefronts, more continue to dedicate hefty portions of their advertising budgets. F-commerce is changing the game of online selling, and it’s by no means over. With over 845-million monthly active users worldwide in one captive audience, and endless ways to interact with customers, Facebook is the ideal location to set up shop and sell, sell, sell. If you’re in e-commerce, you should still be strategizing ways to grow your business within this potentially profitable platform. However, building a storefront is merely Step One.

Max out the medium.
Why should your customers shop via Facebook, rather than go straight to your website, in the first place? Give them all the incentives you can. Your success depends upon how well you implement broad tactics to attract customers to your storefront, keep them coming and encourage them to shop and share with friends.

It’s a SOCIAL network.
Facebook provides an opportunity to take typically solitary online shopping and make it a fun group shindig. If there are no new leads or traffic, your efforts will likely fizzle. Tap into this convivial, communal environment. Mingle with fans. Motivate them to bring their friends along. Be personable, and personalize the experience. Immerse them in your world. Keep it interesting.

Woo word of mouth.
Virtual street teams are a force to be reckoned with, and the better your methods of engagement, the more outspoken your audience will become. When buying a product or service, few factors equal the influence of a friend’s recommendation.

Lay all your wares on the table.
Be all in. Don’t show only some of your products, then tell them to click through to your website to see the full monty. Build a storefront that reveals everything you have to offer. Remember to incorporate essential social elements, like spots for comments and ways to share and keep the conversation flowing across other social networks.

Roll out the red carpet.
If the velvet rope never drops, then they probably won’t stay. Lavish them with treatment reserved only for your most loyal fans. Exclusivity is key, so regularly bestow them with VIP deals, private sneak peeks and glimpses behind the scenes. And don’t forget discounts or other enticements for sharing.

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