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female influencer in front of the cameraInfluencers were once the go-to for brand endorsements—consumers saw them as authentic and trustworthy compared to celebrities. But now, influencers have become so popular that many are seen as celebrities in their own right, and consumers aren’t responding the same way as they used to. Enter micro-influencers. There’s some debate about the follower count for these content creators, but the general consensus is anywhere from 1K-50K.

Why go micro?
Although they have smaller followings, their audiences are more engaged than their counterparts with more followers. In fact, they see 60% increased engagement—plus a 20% higher conversion rate—compared with macro-influencers. Working with micro-influencers is also more cost-effective for brands—with fewer followers they’ll often accept less compensation than macro-influencers, and some will even work with brands for free products or the exposure alone.

Boost your ROI
As mentioned above, micro-influencers are often more affordable partners for brands. Not only will they often work for less compensation, products or exposure, they also tend to overserve their brand partners in an effort to build a long-term relationship—so brands get more bang for their buck. Additionally, consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service promoted by a micro-influencer vs. a macro-influencer. All of these factors mean one thing: increased ROI for brands.

Passion projects
Because brands are still catching on to the benefits of working with these niche partners, micro-influencers will often be proactive and reach out to companies they want to work with. This means they are truly passionate about what they’re promoting—and that passion will shine through in their posts, making their followers more likely to respond to their content and make a purchase.

Picking the right partners
Once you’ve decided to work with micro-influencers, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to look at their engagement/clicks, views/reach/impressions and content type. It’s also beneficial to look for creators that have previously posted about your brand or interacted with your content by liking posts or adding comments. This will help ensure you’re working with partners that are already passionate about your offerings.

Ready to dip into the micro-influencer pool? Dana can help you pinpoint the right partners and build your social strategy. Reach out to Lynn Kaniper at or 609.466.9187 ext. 117.

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