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Marketing your company online is a must, and the options for doing so are myriad. Here at Dana, two of our favorite channels remain banner advertising and email marketing. Both have their pros and their cons. But is it worth pitting email marketing vs banner ads? Maybe not.

Time and time again, we find that the essential part to remember is playing to each one’s strengths to maximize your ROI. And in many cases, neither should ever stand alone. Rather, each should be integrated into a comprehensive marketing plan that has been cleverly crafted just for you. Let’s explore:

Email Marketing
The ROI of email marketing continues to be among the most highly profitable and capable of delivering substantial traffic rapidly. Still, an email marketing program resonates most when tied into an expansive and effective campaign. There are several ways to maximize your efforts and capture the highest possible ROI of email.

First, be sure your email is deliverable. You can’t sell without being seen. Test with seed lists, avoid spam filters and reduce complaints by targeting audiences with content they want (even better if it’s behavioral targeting based on their history with your brand). You might not like it, but you should also give them clear, easy ways to bug out if they need to.

Reach out when you can share a valuable offer or attention-grabbing news. If they’re going to open your email, make it worth their while—and increase the likelihood they’ll stick around and click through again!

Banner Advertising
We’ll be the first to admit that banner advertising garners mixed reviews. Over the years, banner ad click-through rates took a nosedive. The ROI of banner ads is sometimes among the lowest produced by an online marketing campaign. Generally speaking, your cost per visitor might be higher than other media, and it’s a bit trickier to target your audience, achieve quality clicks and close the sale.

That’s the scary stuff. We, however, are not so quick to dismiss this enduring crowd favorite. When built into a successful, well-thought-out campaign, banner advertising ROI can certainly be valuable—and then some.

To boost a robust click-through rate, take advantage of the diverse sizes and ad positions proposed by website publishers. Get creative with your content by sharing intriguing offers and inspired execution via rich media, such as audio, video and expanding panels. Strategize your placement by pinpointing a spot on relevant content pages and aligning with user demographics and behavior.

All About ROI
That’s Dana. Whether your goal is the top ROI of banner ads, email marketing, skywriting or sandwich boards, we can design a plan with the media that works best for you. Contact Lynn Kaniper at or 609.466.9187 ext. 117 to learn more.

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