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After years of pandemic-related postponements, wedding bells are chiming louder than ever. The Knot estimated 2,600,000 weddings took place last year – that’s an average of 7,123 weddings per day. Not only is that a lot of “I dos,” but it’s a lot of guests too. Over 200 million Americans attended weddings in 2022, and the number of nuptials is expected to climb even higher in 2023.

And it makes perfect sense. People are getting together again and looking forward to kicking back and dancing the night away with friends and family. People are also itching to travel, which brings us to a trend making its way down the aisle more and more these days.  A blend of tying the knot and tourism: the destination wedding.

Destination weddings are springing up everywhere – from European castles to Cape Cod to the Caribbean. Virtually any place or any space the couple holds near and dear. By all accounts, for the bride who always envisioned saying “I do” on the shimmering white sand beaches of St. Lucia or the couple who wants to exchange vows in a sprawling Italian villa in Lake Como, a destination wedding is a fairytale come to life.

It’s not just destination weddings that are bigger than ever, the entire destination experience is having a huge moment right now. With more people able to work remotely, guests are choosing to extend their stay and further engage in the chosen locale and hotels and resorts will be wise to take advantage of this growing trend. Here we will unveil beneficial tips and tricks to make the most of a destination wedding and help prevent destination wedding guest pain points from showing up uninvited and trying to steal the show.

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  1. Love at First Site – Destination weddings have lots of components – travel arrangements, accommodations and amenities, ceremony details, maybe a special wedding dress code, the list goes on and on. Encourage the couple to create a convenient event site guests can tap into on their phone dedicated to all the nitty-gritty they will want to know.
  2. Start Off on the Right Foot – Or the left, just make sure transportation from the airport to the guests’ accommodations is as seamless as possible. Nobody wants to travel for hours and arrive at their destination only to bobble around trying to find their way to a hotel. A stress-free journey will be greatly appreciated by all.
  3. Gift the Guests – Offer couples the add-on option of a guest welcome basket displayed in the lobby or individual guest gift bags filled with niceties to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Anything from mints, snacks and gum to hand lotions, sunscreen and small bottles of wine could be included.
  4. Keep Up With DowntimeFun is the common denominator here. Provide guests with a list of area activities and outings such as cafes, beaches or hiking trails found in the area. Places they can explore, shop, dine at or enjoy at their leisure. Best to keep the list broad-based with a variety of activities that will appeal to all ages.
  5. Turn the Destination into a Vacation – Offer guests a discounted rate if they want to spin the wedding destination into an extended vacation. Destination wedding hotspots are among the world’s most beautiful places, filled with sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine and priceless panoramas. It’s no wonder people will want to stay and see more.


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