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Travel-related flash sales seem to be spreading like wildfire across the Internet. By offering steep discounts during limited-duration sales, they motivate consumers to book quickly to take advantage of great deals. Here’s a sampling of what’s new:

Sniqueaway™ was recently launched as part of Smarter Travel Media, a TripAdvisor Media Group company. This members-only site offers limited-time sales on 4-star hotels that are highly rated on TripAdvisor.

TripAlertz™, which started beta testing this fall, claims to offer “epic savings for premium getaways.” Also a members-only site, it features quality hotels (3-star and up) and a unique strategy that lowers the price as more travelers book.

LivingSocial®, the site that offers city-specific deals, recently added travel “Escapes” to its offerings. The “Escape Kits” typically offer accommodations with add-ons like a cooking class, massage or ski lift ticket.

Groupon®, the city-specific flash sale giant, recently partnered with Where I’ve Been™, giving Groupon access to Where I’ve Been’s established base of millions of social travelers.

Mobile Spinach employs targeted demographic marketing to create offers and issue mobile cash vouchers that customers can use at retail outlets and restaurants, as well as spas and hotels.

CityDeals offers discount gift cards, gift certificates and coupons for local and national brands (restaurants, entertainment, stores, spas and hotels) that can be mailed, printed or sent to customers’ phones.

Successful in many segments, flash sales are a relatively new concept for travel, but one that is sure to broaden the social travel experience of the Internet. Although the impact on online sales is still unchartered waters, we already see the potential for this trend to impact your business positively:

    • These channels can be a great way to quickly and efficiently unload excess inventory.

    • By offering a limited-time deal instead of simply decreasing rates via an OTA, your hotel can fill rooms without expressly jeopardizing rate.

    • By creating attractive packages that bundle rooms with additional amenities and services (dining, spa, golf, etc.), your property may also lead customers to increase spend.

  • Group buying sites offer your business the opportunity and ability to discount and minimize risk (think: quantity discount). You can protect yourself from selling a low-rated piece of business to just a few customers because unless many customers react and agree to a certain volume of sale, the deal can be deemed invalid.

Want to know more about how this trend will impact the ever-evolving online travel market and your business? Dana develops custom promotions and campaigns that utilize these technologies. We offer turnkey solutions that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. Maybe you are looking to offer an innovative promotion around the holidays? There’s still time. And the best part is, you can tell your boss, shareholders and kids that you’re at the forefront of the social media trend. Give Dana a call to discuss the opportunities.

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