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At Dana, our core belief is this: A brand is not just a logo, symbol or tagline – it is a living entity, a collection of perceptions and beliefs that live in the hearts and minds of your customers. And, like any living entity, a brand has to grow and evolve. Sometimes the need for change is obvious (check out our Brand Reckoning blog here). Other times, not so much. So let’s explore the more subtle scenarios that should trigger a rebrand.

Not Business As Usual

Have you changed your business model or shifted your focus in a substantial way? Then it’s time for a rebrand. A perfect example of this is Netflix. The company started out as a disruptor in the DVD rental market before (very astutely) pivoting to reinvent itself as a streaming service. Fans of Netflix original series couldn’t be happier.

Out With The Old

While brand consistency is important, clinging to an outdated image does nothing to gain new customers. Buick knows this. So they flipped the script on the perception that they build cars exclusively for the silver-haired set – all to pave the road to a brand that attracts younger drivers. Really, this move represents a kinder approach than the decades-older “Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile” divisive campaign.

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Part of Something Bigger

The world of mergers leads to the land of rebranding. In 2016, Marriott International made big news when it acquired Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. The already dominant player in the hospitality industry now had to gather several hotel flags – each with a unique brand identity and customer base – under a cohesive umbrella brand.

New Horizons

If you have your eye on a new target market – either geographic or demographic – you’ll want to ensure that your brand will resonate. Case in point? Old Spice. Just as Buick has been courting a younger generation, so too is this classic consumer brand – introducing new products for millennial men who genuinely care about skincare.

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Morphing Marketplace

Think of the classic How It Started vs. How It’s Going meme. When you first opened your doors, maybe you were the only game in town. Suddenly there are competitors popping up all over, saturating the marketplace. Now instead of simply saying, “We’re here,” your brand has to burst through the clutter and shout, “Here’s how we’re different – and better.” We’re looking at you, Tesla.

Of course, there are numerous additional reasons to rebrand. Here at Dana, we’ve earned our reputation as experts – built by one brand at a time. Whether you need a minor refresh or a full-blown rebranding, our team has the tools and the talent to create an identity that clearly and compellingly communicates who you are – and why your audience should care.


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