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Maintaining color consistency is crucial to a brand’s success. In fact, consumer confidence is often a direct result of brand color recognition. Think about it. What if the logos were dropped from those brown delivery trucks out on the road? You can bet passersby will still assume they’re UPS®. And what if you gave someone special a small robins egg-hued box? Excitement is likely to be written all over her face—even before she opens it to discover the Tiffany & Co® item inside.

In light of this strong connection between color and brand recognition, the color geniuses at Pantone® have unveiled a tool to ensure color consistency and preserve the importance of color awareness. PantoneLIVE is a cloud-based color service that stores critical color information of a specific brand’s palette. It’s a secure and efficient way to manage color across a variety of materials.

How does it work? Color libraries are uploaded, and then suppliers across the globe can access these unique color builds, along with information on specific substrates based on scientific and spectral data, as opposed to solely relying on visual interpretations and pricey press adjustments.

Companies such as Proctor & Gamble, with its stable of consumer brands like Gillette®, Tide® and Pampers®, have recently embraced this new technology with success. “PantoneLIVE is an excellent solution for simplifying how we access digital color palettes for design, proofing and print,” said Phil Duncan, Global Design Officer at P&G. “When fully implemented, the productivity benefits will be significant.” With brand color so directly linked to consumer comfort, we’re sure to see many other top brands take to the color cloud in the near future.

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