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The days have been getting shorter, flip flops have been exchanged for sweaters and the outdoors has experienced an autumnal color explosion. Whether it’s the warm tones of the changing leaves, the vibrant ornamental flowers or the tasty harvest colors, the Fall season is immediately associated with the rich hues that paint its landscape.

According to Pantone®, the industry experts on color, our response to color is an inherent characteristic that is verified through life experiences. That’s what makes color a key to invoking an emotional response to logos, ads, emails and websites. Just as we know the rustic combination of oranges, yellows and browns signifies the crisp season of Autumn, we’re aware of the soothing aspects of blue and the arresting, attention-getting qualities of red.

Consider the meanings of the colors below:

Red: Possibly the color with the most personalities, red raises the heart rate and commands attention. Excitement, danger and passion are traits of this stimulating color.

Pink: Similar to red, pink evokes a feeling of energy, but in a more youthful and spirited way.

Orange: Both vibrant and friendly, orange is a warm, playful color that should not be taken too seriously.

Yellow: The color of sunshine and light, yellow can signify enlightenment. Its arresting value can also trigger alert.

Brown: An earthy color that translates into stability, brown offers both wholesomeness and protection.

Blue: Constant and dependable in our global surroundings, blue symbolizes commitment and trustworthiness. Blues can also be serene and tend to have a soothing and calming effect.

Green: Synonymous with nature, the many shades of green provide a refreshing and unspoiled outlook. Darker hues, similar to the color of money, create a feeling of security and prestige.

Purple: Both elegant and spiritual, the majestic qualities of purple imply royalty.

White: White is the purest and most innocent of the entire color family. Being absent of any pigments, white is pristine simplicity.

Black: Secretive and mysterious in its relation to night, black is the most powerful hue with a dramatic presence.

Is your favorite color a true reflection of you?

(I’d like to think so…I’ve always been partial to blue!)

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