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kids in nature feeding geeseThere’s a new travel trend: schoolcations. Spawned from the remote schooling that many students are partaking in this year, families are seeking out alternative spaces for working and learning.

Properties are helping bridge the gap by creating packages dedicated to remote learning. From private tutors to educational nature tours, there are a range of options.

Change of scenery
Part of the appeal of these schoolcations is simply getting away from home. After months of being cooped up, families are eager to explore new destinations. Working from a vacation spot gives families the best of both worlds: They can get their work done and be able to unwind in an enticing setting when they’re finished. Plus, it gives kids a chance to learn outside of their virtual classrooms.

Properties, especially resorts, can make use of a variety of spaces—whether that’s renting out poolside cabanas for families to work from or utilizing conference spaces for students to socially distance while they complete their coursework. Another option, if you have the space available: Offer a second room for free or at a discount, so families can stay in one and work in the other.

More than a classroom
In addition to providing quiet settings for kids to do their work, many properties have in-person or online tutors available to answer questions and assist students. This option gives parents a break from co-teaching so they can get their own work done, and it ensures students are getting the support they need to succeed academically.

Next-level activities
Thinking beyond the classroom, some properties are focusing on filling the void of much-needed school breaks like recess and field trips.

At Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina, students can take part in fun, hands-on—and socially distanced—experiences like dolphin encounters, nature tours with Resort Naturalists, alfresco art classes and more. Excursions like these allow kids to be immersed in their surroundings and learn things they might not in a traditional classroom or by being at home.

Discovering new passions
During schoolcations, kids can learn new skills and spark new interests. Cooking classes, jewelry design, gardening and golf lessons are just a few examples of activities that properties can offer. While these offerings provide entertainment, they can also help hone skills and teach students in a non-traditional way.

Hotels and resorts are in a unique position to attract families during shoulder season. Now is the time to think outside the box (or classroom, in this case) and find creative solutions that can benefit both properties and their patrons.

Interested in developing a schoolcation package for your property? Reach out to Lynn Kaniper at or 609.466.9187 ext. 117.

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