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Ah, the good ol’ days. Things were so simple then. At the dawn of Internet civilization, a single page could be the center of your website universe. We pinned every hope on it to be everything we needed it to be. And how could it not, what, with those space-age bells, whistles, flying toasters and all? This was the future!

Today, of course, websites are far more complex. Users are more sophisticated. Their time and attention spans are more limited, and yet we need to deliver more information. Expectations are higher for an experience that exceeds simple copy and loud graphics on a page. Dancing Jesus has gone high-tech in components like user-generated video and social media interfaces.

Sadly, it’s still common practice to rush into designing individual pages, rather than elegant websites that flow and maximize the user’s experience. We at Dana believe the day has come: we’re launching a crusade to make user flows numerus unus in the web design process.

This is a user’s world.
So think like one. Build smooth user flows first to create a valuable, enjoyable customer experience that leads to fruitful interactions.

Getting to know you.
Become acquainted with your customers through preliminary research. Test (and reevaluate) your web design to determine what drives them, and how your website can reach peak performance by fulfilling their specific needs.

Taking care of business.
It’s your world too. Whether you’re capturing leads, closing sales or populating a social media fanbase, craft a user experience that also helps you realize your business goals.

Follow the yellow brick road.
The best path to conversion is one that’s paved to order. Design custom flows according to the personal purpose and knowledge level of your visitor. Consider the traffic source they skipped in on, be it a banner ad, a Facebook post or a direct mailing. That way, you can fill in the blanks, gain their trust and guide the experience to the greatest rewards.

Drop it like it’s hot.
Hook them, and hook them fast. Hit all their hot buttons. Keep them moving through the process quickly and easily. Provide the details and benefits they need in one neatly wrapped package of sleek content and design. Finish it off with a loud-and-clear call to action that seals the deal—and motivates them to return again and again.

Ready to go with the user flow and evolve your web design process?
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