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You need fresh, high-quality web fonts to grab attention in the online world. Not only does your content have to be found by search engines, but it also has to be readable on a wide array of devices. The right web fonts can even enhance your brand and impress your customers. Dana’s art directors share their secrets for choosing fabulous fonts.

Take Your Pick
Just a few years ago, only a handful of core web fonts were available. Now the web font world has exploded, and there are hundreds to choose from—and many are free. Start your search at Google Fonts, where you can browse hundreds of font families and preview your choices in sample layouts. MyFonts allows you to purchase web font versions of your favorite fonts that you use for print, further enhancing the continuity between mediums.

Be Easy to Read, Everywhere
Remember that fonts have to work well across a diversity of platforms, from computer monitors and tablets to portable devices with tiny screens to projection devices connected to computers. A good font is readable without requiring the user to zoom in or out on the text. (Additional design factors like user-friendly headers and white space also help with readability; we’ll share tips for those elements in a future blog.)

Make Sure You’re Searched
Styling live text with professional, optimized web fonts is an alternative to using Flash or static images. Not only does this make updating your content a lot simpler, but you’ll also be more visible on search engines. Your text will be picked up by search engines and indexed to determine the relevance of your pages in search engine rankings.

Use Fonts to Tell Your Brand Story
With so many fonts available, there are exciting ways to convey the personality of your brand. At Dana, our designers might select a graceful script font for an elegant, historic hotel’s site. An edgy, minimalist font might be their choice to convey the persona of a high-tech, urban hotel. Web fonts are a powerful tool to tell your story online.

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