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Memorial Day is right around the corner, and with it, summer’s unofficial kickoff. For many of our hospitality clients, that’s when things really start heating up! There’s just something about those extended holiday weekends that provokes your guests to take a break, pack their bags and let the good times roll.

So now is a fantastic opportunity to launch a marketing campaign that takes full advantage of those facts—and fills your rooms and reservations in no time. Here are some Memorial Day marketing ideas:

1) Create appealing deals and events. For a long weekend that’s not quite a full-fledged vacation, new and returning guests—as well as locals and drive-in markets—want a high-value, convenient way to unwind and have fun.

Sizzling savings. Tempting seasonal menus. Cool activities and events. Especially after the dreary winter and fickle spring weather many regions experienced, guests look forward to being outdoors. Consider barbecues, pool parties, patriotic fireworks, movies under the stars, sports tournaments and primp-me-for-summer spa treatments.

2) Don’t wait. Begin early. Get a head start on the competition. Launch your campaign several weeks before Memorial Day weekend, to convince guests to book sooner and expand your marketing window.

But even a week or two ahead is better than never, which is great news if you haven’t launched yours yet. Each year, after one final push, our hospitality clients notice that bookings can increase sharply, shortly before the weekend.

3) Keep it seasonal. Whatever you’re offering, change up your creative to remain relevant to the holiday and/or summer in the marketing itself. Incorporate splashy images, lively headlines and copy and other seasonal artwork to entice your audience and support your message.

Evoke daydreams of a long-awaited, much-needed and well-deserved getaway. Ideal headquarters for a nearby festival or parade? On or near the beach? Fabulous pools or golf? Be sure to mention it!

4) Generate a sense of urgency. We’ve found that emails sent for Memorial Day tend to achieve higher performance metrics than those sent for other major US holidays. From transaction rates to open and click metrics, Memorial Day email campaigns inherently produce a sense of urgency.

Regardless of medium, we can further capitalize on this trend and the three-day weekend factor through time-based subject lines and calls to action that motivate potential guests to convert or book faster.

5) Make it responsive to mobile devices. As we’ve discovered with Memorial Day hospitality marketing, guests are often willing to book an impromptu, long-weekend escape, usually traveling shorter routes and staying closer to home.

It’s always important to design the digital components of every marketing campaign to be responsive to mobile devices. That dynamic is especially crucial with such tight timelines, so ensure that prospective guests can react on the fly.

Dana would love to lend a hand to your Memorial Day marketing campaign. Reach out by contacting Lynn Kaniper at or 609.466.9187 x117.

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