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Historically speaking, emails sent on Memorial Day tend to achieve higher performance metrics than those sent on other major US holidays, including Christmas and Valentine’s Day. From transaction rates to open and click metrics, there’s definitely a sense of urgency that Memorial Day email marketing campaigns generate, which we, as marketers, can capitalize on.

One key trait of Memorial Day advertising is the use of time-based subject lines and calls to action. For instance, “Last Day of Sale–Get 20% Off,” “Stay One Night, Get the Next One Free,” and “Time Is Running Out!” generate a sense of urgency by taking advantage of the three-day weekend time period.

So how can we make our email creative relevant to our customers, while boosting the marketing benefits that Memorial Day offers? Here are some quick creative tips:

  • Be relevant to the season! After the winter the East Coast had, and all of the crazy weather happening, it’s a good idea to remind customers that summer has finally arrived. Use images, copy and other graphical elements to support this message. (Think barbeques, backyards and beaches!)
  • Start your Memorial Day email marketing campaign a few days before the big day. This will not only generate excitement from your user base, but also lengthen the marketing window.
  • Test subject lines that include terms like “Last Day” and “Final Hours” to generate a sense of urgency with your subscribers and motivate them to convert.
  • Since Memorial Day is a time when folks go away for the weekend, make sure your email campaigns are responsive to mobile devices. Not sure how? Check out our post on how to Mobilize Your Email Creative.
  • Have the creative team design a custom template exclusive to Memorial Day. Users are apt to open email creative from their favorite brands when the look changes or updates, especially on holidays. To maximize the effectiveness of your email creative, review our post here on designing specifically for email marketing.

For more information on how Dana Communications can help you with your Memorial Day email marketing creative, or for a quick review of your Memorial Day email creative, please contact Lynn Kaniper at or 609.466.9187 ext. 117.

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