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Ever read a white paper produced by a company you trust? Opt into a newsletter that brings you factual, helpful information for your business? Or subscribe to a blog that really hits the spot? You may not have realized it at the time, but these complimentary tools, otherwise known as content marketing, do more than simply inform—they build brand loyalty.

Take a moment to consider how this type of marketing could benefit your band, and let us provide you with some useful strategies for making the most of it.

To inform, you must first be informed.
If you want to be considered a thought leader, you’ll need to arm yourself with the most current news and information. Stay on top of trends and innovations in the industry—and then turn that knowledge into a deliverable for your target audience.

Remember these key words: relevant & useful.
The difference between ordinary copy and content marketing copy is whether or not it’s relevant and useful. Remember, you’re attracting and building a relationship with consumers who want something from you. If you’re not giving them what they need, there’s no reason for them to stay involved. So make sure your content is valuable to the people consuming it.

Make it quick.
Whether it’s through an email, blog, white paper or some other medium, you have a limited amount of time to retain the attention of your audience. If you have something to say, say it fast. Be direct and concise, so your consumer can digest it and move on.

Tap into the power of social.
Proliferate the readership of your content tenfold by promoting through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Pique interest by posting with an intriguing headline or relevant question. Make your content shareable, and create back-links to your website for a stronger brand impact.

Optimize, optimize, optimize.
By using the right mix of keywords and phrases, you can make your content accessible to interested parties. Make it as easy as possible for someone looking for the information you’re offering to find it when they’re searching online. The most valuable content is that which is delivered to a captive and willing audience—so be highly visible when they come looking.

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