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Cause Marketing: A Win-Win for Everyone

At the intersection of profit and purpose, you will find cause marketing. Research shows that customers prefer supporting businesses associated with charitable causes and are willing to pay more for products and services contributing to humanitarian efforts. By partnering with local charitable organizations, your property and its guests can experience the joy of giving back one vacation or spa treatment at a time. In this way, the act of pampering oneself benefits the greater community. And this makes everyone feel great.

Cause marketing can be a highly effective way for resort property management and marketing teams to strengthen their marketing strategy and achieve their fiscal objectives. Cause marketing involves leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility to support a cause close to customers’ hearts.

The Superpowers of Cause Marketing

One superpower of cause marketing is its intrinsic ability to authentically connect brands with younger consumers. Actually, 76% of young people (ages 13-25) say they have or would purchase from a brand that supports their values, and 67% of those same young people say they would quit buying from a company that did not align with their values. To engage younger demographics, try promoting cause marketing campaigns on social media. Resorts can easily connect with their guests and organically spread the word socially about their philanthropic initiatives this way. Think: Movember’s nuanced success in raising awareness and funds for men’s health while men across social media post selfies of their mustaches during November.

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Another superpower is the ability of cause marketing to build brand trust. A recent survey shows that people are more likely to trust a brand when they see a connection between it and the cause they are supporting. Moreover, the survey reveals that almost one-third of respondents would still trust a brand even if the problem did not directly impact it. Essentially, this suggests that consumers are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to brands that are seen to be making an effort to do the right thing.

#Winning: Industry Leaders Take on Cause Marketing

Kiawah Island Golf Resort has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Charleston to provide guests at the resort with meaningful volunteer opportunities while on vacation. Guests can also take pride in being responsible stewards of the environment during their stay through multiple environmental initiatives on their property.

At Lansdowne Resort, you can take advantage of group meeting packages that offer a unique and philanthropic twist. The resort has curated a range of team-building activities that are both enjoyable and contribute to charitable causes, making your stay even more noteworthy.

Tauck prides itself on giving back to the local community through financial contributions and hands-on volunteering. The company sponsors a variety of drives and collections that support various interests, and its Destination Grants Program funds efforts that focus on the conservation or cultural/historical preservation of places their guests travel to around the world.

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To-Dos When Getting Started with Cause Marketing

  • DO offer easy ways for guests to contribute and be informed of where their contributions go. Consider adding charitable giving options on bills. In this way, when guests add gratuity, they can add a percentage to whatever charitable cause you may be supporting. Ensure your property’s charitable giving impact is quantifiable so you can add it to your newsletter or website.
    • 88% of consumers want details about a company’s charitable acts, and only 25% believe their financial contributions make a difference.
  • DO use social media to promote your charitable cause.
    • Panera Bread teamed up with Feeding America  to make a positive impact on the world by donating one bowl of soup per completion of a task through a Facebook app, making charitable contributions easy and free for consumers.
  • DO choose a charity that aligns with your hotel’s F&B program.
    • In 2010 KFC received significant backlash after partnering with Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Many believe fast food contributes to the likelihood of developing disease, leading to a PR nightmare for Komen and KFC.
  • DO ensure your staff is actively involved in the cause marketing campaign.
    • Not only does it make your cause more relevant and exciting, but it also increases employee dedication, as 57% of employees say they prefer working for a charitable company.
  • DO be transparent and honest about donations.
    • McDonald’s advertised that every time you bought a Happy Meal, some of the money went to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. However, only a penny per happy meal is given, surprising customers. Now this information is made clear on their website.
  • DO achieve a competitive advantage and connect with your target audience by partnering with the award-winning travel and tourism marketing professionals at Dana Communications. Contact Lynn Kaniper at 609.466.9187 ext. 117 or today.
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