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hotel bellHappy New Year! For the past couple of months at Dana, we’ve been reflecting on 2016 and the successes and changes it affected in the hotel industry. To be sure, it was an unpredictable phase in many ways, but we can’t say it wasn’t interesting.

Now it’s time. Let’s switch out that calendar. Turn the page and bask in the dazzling possibilities of the next year, both personal and professional.

Count down along with our Top 2017 Hospitality Trends, some of which may very well be here for an extended stay!

5. When you look good, they feel good.

Hotels need not be the swankiest belle on the block to turn heads. From super-chic boutiques to bargain-hunter budget motels, shedding outmoded appearances is all the rage these days.

Thoughtful design lures guests to the accommodations that appear to match their personal styles. Envision prominent furniture, décor and fashion brands setting very attractive trends—and hiking up your business figures.

4. Posh amounts to more than thread count.

Primping pretty and providing ritzy food and amenities have long been hallmarks of upscale hotels. Unsurprisingly, they still are significant, expected elements. Currently, though, consumers of luxury brands, like those of every price point, seek “more” in the way of authentic experiences.

That means getting smarter, rather than fancier. To make a luxury brand stand out, position it via tailored-to-them service, cunning craftsmanship and a crystal-clear sense of the surrounding community, conveyed via complementary storytelling.

3. Be a true home away from home…

Peer-to-peer online marketplaces like Airbnb, and the properties they post, bring a semblance of privacy. But their lonely seclusion is where the traditional lodging business can maintain the upper hand. Co-living, as in pod hotels and mutual living and working spaces (some created by big brands cashing in), has been on the rise recently—as well as the appeal of its collaborative ambience.

Guests often miss that community feel of a lobby hub and other shared areas, where they can link up with other travelers and even locals. Hotels should invest more heavily in the collective places and experiences that connect people, and highlighting those social aspects.

2. …That means showing them around the neighborhood too!

We’ve already tipped you off to the fact that the estimated $200 billion tours and activities sector remains a massive, untapped market for the hospitality industry.

Embracing a well-rounded attitude about the complete guest experience—and hooking them up inside and outside hotel doors—is increasingly important. Some luxury hotels have gotten a lead here, and we predict more of them, and those in other classes, to follow suit. Really, it’s all part of being a good neighbor!

1. Take it very personally.

Thanks to modern technological breakthroughs, hospitality companies can gather lots of wholesale information fairly easily, but it’s what happens with it next that matters.

Interpret that data, and use it wisely to pinpoint and get to know your perfect, individual guest. Then, customize your messaging and offerings to give them what they want. Access them through outlets including mobile, media and the mouths of those on-site who are delivering services in person.

Ready to launch 2017?

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