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When it comes to advertising, one factor is essential—stretching your dollars to work their hardest. So how do you craft a powerful campaign that attracts fame and fortune with relatively minimal investment? At Dana, we believe your marketing strategy should always include video marketing. Here’s what makes that medium so important: 

It’s fun, and people like it.
Seeing (and hearing) is believing. If you have something interesting to show or say, put your message in motion. Human beings are visual creatures, and many people prefer to watch video. You’ll distinguish your business from the static ads of your competition and engage your customers meaningfully.

You’ll get friendly with your audience.
When you attach a face to your name, your customers will come to know you, feel comfortable with you and trust you. That means you’ve taken that crucial extra step in building your brand, boosting your credibility and guaranteeing profitable, long-lasting relationships. You’ll hold their attention longer and easily broaden their understanding of what your business offers.

More clicks per pixel.
With the aid of expert video SEO, you’ll rise above the rankings. Well-optimized online video marketing dominates other mediums and increases your likelihood of soaring to the top of search engine results. Additionally, you’re apt to pull in a much higher click-through rate than with standard web advertising. Once you’ve hooked them, great video advertising will decrease your website bounce rate, and the time each customer spends with you surges.

A little goes a long way.
Short snippets work best. Video makes your business memorable and increases conversions, while delivering the most info in the least time. And video doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Here at Dana, we use all sorts of tricks to keep costs down and maximize impact with professional videos. Just post them online and watch the clicks roll in. Integrate them into every facet of your marketing, and the returns will keep on growing.

It’s the wave of the future.
Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and more newfangled portable gadgets, your brand can literally stay with your customers, wherever they roam. What that means for you—unlimited opportunities to design mobile video content. And because of its appeal, expect your audience to share your video with other potential customers on the fly, via email and social media.

Are you ready for your close-up?
To put your business in focus today, contact Lynn Kaniper at or 609.466.9187 ext. 117.

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