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bride and groom in natureRight on the silky, sparkly heels of holiday marriage proposal season, the peak wedding planning rush is now upon us. Many times, that first big step down the aisle begins with a starry-eyed search for the perfect wedding setting.

Here at Dana, we’ve provided our marketing strategies for local wedding venues and popular destination wedding venues alike. Call us hopeless romantics, but we’ve found that no matter what your site’s style, committing to the right plan means you’re destined to be paired with the clients of your dreams!

Don’t ever be left at the altar. Say “I do” to our tips for marketing your wedding venue, and you’ll attract, engage and, ultimately, tie the knot with today’s couples.

Make it love at first sight.

Blind dates can be disastrous, so impress couples with images that wow. Professional photos and videos that represent your venue faithfully are a vital investment. You’ll get lots of mileage out of them too, by showcasing them across every medium and integrating them into every stage of the sales process.

Because couples will imagine themselves marrying in your venue, and want to visualize precisely how their event could look, be sure to create a varied portfolio. Feature different types of couples, to welcome diverse weddings. Include all of the seasons and wide-ranging design styles. Catch the highlights and the details of your venues, as blank spaces, dressed for events and in full swing during actual weddings.

Court them online, everywhere.

Considering how many couples are introduced online nowadays, is it really any wonder that they’ll probably meet you there too? Your Internet presence works for you 24/7. Be listed on the top wedding marketplace websites and directories. Promote the real-life weddings held at your venue. Build across-the-board, trend-savvy and updated strategies for social media marketing and paid search advertising.

Woo ‘em with your website.

Analyze your website critically. Is it search engine optimized, so couples can find you? Does it make a positive first impression? Do you have a dedicated page just for weddings? Is the information well organized, comprehensive, clearly written and able to resolve their initial questions? Have you presented your stunning photos and videos effectively? Is it easy for them to contact you?

You should also confirm your website is properly mobile optimized—and on that note, your email marketing too—since many prospects will view both from their mobile devices.

Maybe it’s time for a makeover?

You still look pretty in print.

While the state of print continues to evolve, one thing remains true: Blushing betrotheds continue to breathlessly raid those glossy bridal magazines on newsstands everywhere. Consider it a thrilling rite of passage for the newly engaged.

In fact, as reported by Splendid Insights, a leading global wedding market research firm, 79% of people who got married last year bought a print version of a wedding magazine. Plus, 46% used them daily or weekly during the wedding planning process. Couples flipping through traditional lifestyle magazines will also notice an increase in wedding features.

Better yet? Their journey with the wedding suppliers they hire frequently start from a magazine advertisement or placement.

And printed handouts, like beautiful brochures, will still help you stand out, especially after bridal expos and site visits.

That personal touch, though…

Local bridal expos and wedding trade shows endure as a popular way to initiate contact. Even if they discover your venue through Instagram, you’ll need to seal the deal with a successful, in-person date. And providing wedding site tours are a must.

Naturally, couples prefer to entrust a friendly, accommodating, supportive team with one of the biggest days of their lives. That means, when face-to-face, a smiling, knowledgeable rep may be your greatest sales resource.

Delight your clients by achieving their dream wedding? You’re guaranteed to garner essential, rave reviews, referrals and testimonials to integrate into all of your marketing.

We would totally be a power couple.
Keep your calendar—and venue—filled with matrimonial bliss. Partner up with Dana by emailing Lynn Kaniper at—or calling 609.466.9187, ext. 117.

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